The Alpine o6 Cowboys faced the Tucson Saguaros on June 2, and according to Coach Sean Persky, "Tucson is a tough first opponent, with them having a solid manager in Sean McNeill, and a lot of quality college guys."

Persky also spoke about how the team has come together well over the last few days. After the last intersquad game, he feels the team is ready for opening day at Kokernot Park in Alpine.

Of course, fans can step up and support the team with crowd energy, which according to Persky feeds the team’s energy. He said without the crowd noise, the games wouldn’t be the same. 

Persky talked about how a lot of players from all over the country have started to call Alpine their second home.

Said Persky, "It's an amazing town that opens up its doors to the players when they come in from all over."

From the fans and team, a special thanks goes to Kristin Cavness, general manager of the Cowboys, who volunteers countless hours to make sure everything is in place for opening day. There’s also a great board in place, including Bob and Lucy Ward, Derek Pollacchi, Katie Hector, and Mark Hannan, and all have put in many long volunteer hours.

Shazlyn Tays made many phone calls trying to set up host families for the players, and has done a fabulous job. Stewart Ramser created the calendar and pocket schedules this year.

The o6 Cowboys baseball team truly has a team of great people keeping the organization alive and thriving.

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