Lifters kick off season in Monahans

Italia Anaya finished second in the 181-pound division at the Sandhills Invitational Powerlifting Meet in Monahans on Jan. 11. Anaya's squat was 275 pounds, bench press 115 pounds, and deadlift 255 pounds. 

The Bar Never Lies.

That’s a creed you'll find around the field house at Alpine High School as the powerlifting team and a slew of student and teacher volunteers prepare to host a meet on Saturday, Jan. 18. Although home court advantage is nice, the fact remains that someone has to carry or drag all the weightlifting equipment in to the gym on Friday, and take it all back to the field house on Saturday afternoon at the conclusion of the competition.

Weigh-ins begin at 7 a.m. as schools and their supporters from across the region descend on the Buck Dome. A flurry of grunts, bursts of cheers, and shouting soon follow among a wrestling mat maze full of athletes, coaches, and people furiously writing down results.

Second-year Head Coach and Vice Principal Lee Sanchez accompanied five lifters to the Sandhills Invitational in Monahans on Jan. 11 to kick off the 2020 season.

Italia Anaya had the best placement among Buck participants. She finished second in her weight class, with a combined total of 645 pounds lifted in the squat, bench press and dead lift. She was just 30 pounds behind the top lifter from Monahans.

Alex Natera was the top boys powerlifter with an eighth place finish in the crowded 181-pound category. A running back during football season, this is Natera’s third year competing with other winter weightlifters. Marco Martinez also took part just days after a performance at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida as the Fightin’ Buck mascot.

Martinez’ sister, cheerleader Angela, finished eighth in her weight class as she began her second year on the powerlifting team. Fellow sophomore Angelique Foxx partook in her first powerlifting meet ever on Saturday after reaching the Regional Finals in the 200-meter dash during track and field season.

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