Cowboy of the Week Trey Silmon

Trey Silmon

Pitcher Trey Silmon sat down with the Avalanche to talk Cowboy baseball, because it's finally time again after a painful year without it. Silmon believes the year off will probably bring play up to another level.

In 2020, Silmon went to the Pecos League training site in Houston for a couple of months. He went as a catcher to gain experience, but broke his thumb, and was unable to catch in 2020. However, he called it a blessing in disguise.

"That's where I was asked to pitch. I had some success on the mound, and earned an opportunity to go to Indiana and play in the Liberation League as a pitcher," he said.

Silmon then spent the summer honing his pitching skills.

Training for this season has also been different. He wanted to "push the plates aside" and learn to handle his own weight.

"I’ve stuck to calisthenics, yoga, muscular rehab, and conditioning in this off season and leading up to this season,” said Silmon. “As a catcher, I played at around 220 pounds. Coming into this year as a pitcher, I am around 208."

This year's team is a lot younger than the 2019 team, but Silmon finds the talent comparable. He sees similarities from this team to that championship team. He said to look for a solid defensive unit this season.

"That 2019 team had a first year manager, and he delivered a championship. This year, Skip is a whole new type of leader,” said Silmon. “He is the guy who you would run through a wall for, and he is a guy who cares about each guy individually. I think the honesty, the trust, and the respect that a leader like Persky demands will be a major strong point for us this season."

Silmon’s personal goals this season haven't changed from years past.

"It all boils down to just helping the team win games any way I can, and I am completely buying into that," he said.

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