Buck Band ready for football

The Fightin’ Buck Band lines up for practice on a summer day in Alpine. 

The Alpine High School Fightin’ Buck Band is back at practice, and looking to pick right up where they left off last year. 

Last year’s edition of the Band received three Division I awards at the regional marching band competition in Odessa. With 70-80 students showing up for rehearsals early this season, there was a special excitement, and anticipation of repeating that excellence again.

“Our marching contest has been moved back to Nov. 7, and will be in Abilene this year,” noted Director Chuck Wilson. 

This year, the drum majors are Brandon Rice and Lisa Valenzuela. Flute captain is Isabela Holguin; clarinet captain, Pruitt Urbanczyk; clarinet lieutenant, Lilly Terrazas; alto sax captain, Dominique Morales; low woodwind captain, Tim Korteland; trumpet captain, Brandon Rice; trumpet lieutenant, Blake Billings; French horn captain, Esteban Gerena; trombone captain, Riley Arndt; trombone lieutenant, Maddi Haas; baritone captain, Nancy Hinojosa; tuba captain, Michael Mois; percussion captain, Kieran Tays; Color Guard captain, Zaydrien Alaniz; and Color Guard lieutenant, Aneesa Payne. 

Wilson pointed out some important differences to expect this year. 

“In addition to moving the marching contest back into November, the performance schedule was moved back as well,” he said.

In the past, the band began halftime shows the first week of the season. This year, the band can’t start show practice until Sept. 7. 

“The UIL competition calendar doesn’t allow for practicing shows until then. That means the first halftime show is scheduled for a couple of weeks after that,” said Wilson. “We know what we want to do. We just have to wait to practice and put it all together.” 

At the first home game this year, the band will perform just a few numbers, starting with the National Anthem. Then, they will play the fight song whenever the team and cheerleaders take the field, and again every time the Fightin’ Bucks score a touchdown.  

Said Wilson, “Who knows, we might even throw in some music with schrills added when the opposing team is trying to score. Then, in line with the rest of tradition, we will play the school song for student athletes, trainers, managers, cheerleaders, and coaches on the field after the game.” 

Whatever may come for the start of the 2020 season, one thing is for sure - the Band has high aspirations for excellence with a full plate of tradition and fun that comes with fall and football games.

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