Country club open for business

Alpine High School golf team member Garrett Bentley practices his short game before hitting the links on Tuesday afternoon at the Alpine Country Club. 

It’s hard to practice social distancing in most sports, but one that doesn’t require much of an adjustment is golf. So Alpine Country Club is still open for business from 8 a.m. until sundown on Tuesdays through Sundays. Only their bar has been forced to close.

Tonya Hutchinson took over as the greens director last month, and wasn’t sure what to expect as every significant sporting event in the area was canceled. But she said attendance has been pretty good, and hasn’t dropped off much. However, the pro shop and equipment are being sanitized like never before.

“I would say the distance between humans is good out here,” said Hutchinson. “It's something to do outdoors with your family.”

Hutchinson’s brother oversaw the Alpine course in recent years, and is helping to guide Tonya through all the ins and outs of maintaining the nine-hole setting with a cavernous creek running through the middle. She also said she was seeing more families walking together on neighboring streets these days.

Hutchinson played high school golf for the Lady Bucks back in the 1980s. She was looking forward to watching the current players compete at the Alpine Invitational next month, but their season has likely been postponed for good in 2020.

“I used to get to see them out there every afternoon, and now they’re gone,” said Hutchinson. “I'm sure it’s disappointing for them as well.”

For more information about membership or playing rounds, call Alpine Country Club at 432-837-2752, or email

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