Last week the Pecos League announced that its season would now begin on July 1 and continue until Aug. 16. The number of scheduled games was reduced from 64 to 48. The league also said they were considering having up to four teams play at the same ballpark, if possible.

The Alpine o6 Cowboys and the rest of the Pecos teams were hoping to start their season on time in 2020, but beginning spring training in mid-May was too soon during the current health concerns.

League Commissioner Andrew Dunn left the door open for baseball at Kokernot Field in 2020, but even if it could be done safely, it likely wouldn’t involve many fans.

“All options are open right now,” said Dunn. “But Brewster County is a small county, and the people may be skeptical about hosting players. We agreed with everyone involved that by the middle of May, we’re going to know which way the ship is going to sail. We have to wait for what the governor of California does. That’s 50 percent of our league.”

Despite all the uncertainty, there are still players from every team who want to play baseball somewhere this summer.

“I've been with Cowboy baseball since day one. I think Alpine is a place for the Cowboys,” said Dunn. “Not a place for the entire league. That’s the tradition they’ve built.”

The Pecos League has grown from six teams in Alpine and New Mexico in 2011, to 12 teams from Monterey, California to Garden City, Kansas. The Cowboys have made the playoffs every season, and won league championships in 2012 and 2019.

“As hopeful as we'd like to be, we won’t know anything for a couple of weeks,” said Kristin Cavness, General Manager of the Alpine Cowboys. “It’s amazing how much has changed in just the past two weeks.”

“We have to be careful,” added Dunn. “We have a very good league right now. The Invaders, Wind, Triggers, Fuego, Saguaros, and Cowboys are six good baseball teams. We don’t want to mess up our markets that we’ve worked so hard to build.”

“It would be good for our economy, but there are a lot of variables,” said Cavness. “The sports world is crushed right now. I feel terrible for the high school seniors. They don’t get to play at all.”

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