Bucks pick up two wins

Aaron Fellows (No. 1) and Aiden Morrissey (No. 13) look ahead at the Buck Dome last month. 

The last four games of the Fightin’ Buck’s season will be wild, and the last three will be at home. Alpine, Anthony, Kermit, and Tornillo each stand 3-3 in District play as they battle each other for three postseason births. At 6-0, Crane stands atop District 3, meaning everyone else is scrambling for second.

Traveling to Tornillo on Jan. 31, Alpine had only one win in District, and the memory of last second losses in Anthony and Kermit to think about.

Isaiah Nuñez hit two three pointers to spark an early Bucks lead, and they led by five at halftime. Two more threes in the third quarter by Isaiah made the margin swell, and he ended up with 20 points in a 49-42 win.

Point Guard Aiden Morrissey has been taking less shots as of late. He's happy to lead the team in assists as he dishes out scoring opportunities to his friends.

There were plenty of opportunities to put up points at home on Tuesday as an electrifying rematch with Kermit commenced. By halftime the score was 38-35. Alpine outscored the Yellow Jackets 35-21 in the final two quarters, with four players finishing in double-figures. Nuñez and Brady Crump had 16 points each, while Cody Barragan had 15, Jeremiah Muse had 12, and Jayden Canaba scored nine.

Alpine travels to Presidio on Friday, Feb. 7 to play the winless Blue Devil’s at 8 p.m. Then they host the undefeated Cranes on Tuesday, Feb. 11.

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