Fausto to start as assistant coach

Octavio Fausto grew up in Marathon, so this fall will be a bit of a homecoming for him when he teaches and coaches in Alpine.

Fausto has been a special needs teacher for 20 years, and had worked all around West Texas. He has coached in Fort Davis, Marathon, and Van Horn, but has spent the last seven years in Andrews, exclusively in the classroom, and he is looking forward to returning to the practice field after school.

“It helps you relieve stress,” he said this week. “You go to a different element where the environment’s totally different. You get your mind off of what you were doing all day.”

Fausto will be an assistant on the Alpine High School football, boys basketball, and softball teams next school year. He expects to teach at the middle school this fall, although these days, certainty is in short supply.

“There's a look on a kid’s face when they finally understand and they get it,” he said about his career working with challenging students. “When the light bulb turns on - that’s what keeps me going.”

Octavio is married with three children, including a daughter who is a part of the class of 2020 from Andrews.

“We’re going to stay with my mom in Marathon, so there’s nothing difficult about moving this summer,” the coach said. “But if we had to buy a house, then it would be tough. Over there is just as bad as over here in Andrews, housing wise. I'm waiting to see when we’re going to get started so I can start moving stuff over there.”

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