Buck cheerleaders receive recognition

Recently recognized as All American Cheerleaders were Fightin’ Buck cheerleaders Kimberly Lara, Angela Martinez, Dalee Sullivan, Sujei Sanchez, Zaydrien Alaniz, and Kylie Penders.  

On Sept. 23, Alpine High School cheerleading sponsors Sandra Fellows and Linda Morris were notified of the outstanding recognition of six of their varsity cheerleaders as All American Cheerleaders. 

This national honor recognizes outstanding cheerleaders across the country as a result of submitting a video of their All American Cheer, along with performing several complicated cheer moves.

High school junior Angela Martinez addressed the high level of skill needed to achieve this award.

“I have wanted to be recognized since I was a seventh grader. I’ve joined this competition every year since my seventh grade year, and I’m proud and happy for all of us to achieve this,” said Martinez.

Senior Sujei Sanchez echoed Martinez’ statements, noting how tough it was to gain the recognition. 

“I was fortunate to get the award my sophomore year, and again this year,” said Sanchez. “My junior year, we went to a camp at Tarleton State University to compete. It was very intimidating to see the level of talent that some of the other girls have. You think your’re good, then you go to an event like this and think again.” 

Senior Dalee Sullivan was quick to point out that many of the other cheerleaders were part of competitive teams.

Said Sullivan, “They have an advantage of being part of teams that compete several times a year. We show up, they tell us what stunts we have to perform - and many of those are new - so we just have to throw ourselves out there and try. If you get it, great. If not, oh well, I gave my best.” 

That statement is a lesson all extra-curricular activities offer students in terms of lifelong skills. It’s also an extremely valuable lesson for today’s uncertain, demanding times.

The Fightin’ Buck cheerleaders will next compete in Fort Worth in January 2021.

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