On Jan. 26, the Lady Bucks traveled to Presidio to face the Blue Devils, and it proved to be a fantastic game to watch.

In the opening quarter, both Nora Carrasco and Amory Aranda scored early. Carrasco made a three-point play, after making a bucket and knocking down her foul shot. 

The second quarter was more of the same, as Carrasco continued her relentless attack on the defensive side of the ball. Carrasco also hit a shot from downtown, and delivered a great assist to Aranda for another score. After two quarters, the Lady Bucks held a 23-14 lead.

Despite the Lady Bucks building a 15-point lead halfway through the third quarter, the Blue Devils slowly climbed their way back into contention. Presidio would have to match the toughness and intensity of Alpine, and it looked like they were up for the challenge. After three quarters, the score was 27-32, Lady Bucks.

In the fourth, the Ladies shot well from the free throw line to keep them in it, as Presidio continued their comeback. Daniella Estrada and Jenica Portillo brought some offense in the final quarter, along with Aranda and Carrasco. In the end, Presidio climbed all the way back, and knocked down a final-second three pointer to tie up the game, 43-43, sending it into overtime.

The score went back and forth in overtime, and Carrasco showed high energy playing this late in the game. But after Carrasco missed a couple of late free throws, the Lady Bucks needed more to take this win.

With less than a second remaining on the clock, and down one point, Carrasco placed the perfect pass into the hands of Chloe Cordova for a buzzer-beater victory. The Lady Bucks won this one, 48-47.

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