Lady Mustangs trample Lady Bucks

Coach Rick Garcia and the Lady Bucks discuss strategy during a game 2 timeout.

The Andrews Lady Mustangs came to town to play the Alpine Lady Bucks on Sept. 8 in the high school gym. The Andrews team might be the best team the Lady Bucks will see this year before the playoffs. That said, several questions arise. Is it possible that the Lady Bucks stepped up their play at times? On the surface, do the scores not tell the whole story? The answers to both questions are yes! 

It seemed as though the Lady Bucks stepped up their game more times than not during the three-game match. They took on the challenge at hand. Passes were crisper at times than seen all season. The girls seemed to move their feet to get into position more efficiently than in previous games. Placement of the ball was very strategic throughout the night, and it had to be. The play of the Lady Mustangs demanded that the Alpine team become better. And for the most part, the Lady Bucks responded. 

Said Head Coach Rick Garcia, “Today is another day of opportunities, so we will go back into the gym and work on getting better. I would have to say that again our setter Paula Vargas did a great job keeping us in the match, and Kylie Garcia had a great passing night.”

The Lady Mustangs were able to consistently outlast Alpine with better play. The Lady Bucks lost in three games, 18-25, 12-25, 17-25.

The freshmen won in two games, 25-22, 25-19, and the JV team fell just short in two games, 17-25, 14-25.

All three teams will play in Van Horn on Saturday, Sept. 12, starting at 10 a.m.

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