New district, new competition for Bucks

The Alpine Fightin’ Bucks gather for midnight madness at Buck Stadium on Aug. 8. 

Every two years, the University Interscholastic League that governs public school competitions gets together to realign districts. In almost every realignment, much of the district remains the same with only a few changes. This has been no different for the Alpine High School Fightin’ Buck football team. 

The Fightin’ Bucks are in District I AAA this year. Crane and Tornillo return to the District along with Alpine. Coach John Fellows has seen his fair share of realignments, and had a thought to share.

“We lost a big rival. Reagan County moved to a district to the east,” said Fellows. “We picked up Anthony and Odessa Compass.” 

He was quick to note that while Crane was still the big rival and contender for the championship, other District foes should be much better this year as well.

Said Fellows, “We don’t know a lot about Odessa Compass. This is their first year to play football at the varsity level. Anthony is a lot like Tornillo in that both teams are getting better every year. Both teams took big steps forward this last year, and played great games against us.” 

Then there is Crane. Fellows said it seemed that forever when Crane and Alpine played each other, it was a huge game no matter the standings. 

“It’s a rivalry in all the ways a good rivalry should be,” said Fellows, adding, “We just want to go week by week and day by day, and one opponent at a time. I think the athletes are still incredibly grateful to be back at school and on the field.”

Finally, the District schedule came out in terms of travel, and both Anthony and Tornillo will come to Alpine.

This looks to be another entertaining season, and the Fightn’ Bucks are poised to repeat as District champions.

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