Garcia earns Coach of the Year honors

Coach Rick Garcia

Another season is in the books for the Alpine Lady Bucks basketball team. Although they fell short of the District title, this group has a lot to be proud of this year. Here are the results of District selections.

Coach Rick Garcia was awarded Coach of the Year honors. Congratulations go out to him for his team's steady improvement throughout the season. The ladies played hard for him, and he earned every bit of that with his passion for the game. Garcia built a tough team, and it was evident on the court.

Nora Carrasco was awarded MVP honors. With her dazzling play and gritty defense, she was the spark the team needed when down. Her hustle, game speed, and ball control were special to watch.

First Team All-District honors went to Jenica Portillo, Chloe Cordova, and Amory Aranda. Portillo had a special fight in her every game, and contributed so much for the team. Cordova was a great offensively and defensively. She had to match up with a lot of size, and always came through with scores when needed. Aranda was also a much-needed spark on both sides of the ball, and was not afraid to get in and get the job done.

Second Team All-District honors went to Daniella Estrada, Alexis Rodriguez, and freshman Novah Carrasco.

Renae Garcia, Dominique Mucharraz, Aissa Garcia, and Aneesa Payne all earned Honorable Mention honors.

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