Brett Kennedy

In 2014 we had an extremely strong team with many talented players.

The case is the same this year, with many of our infielders returning. We are proud to have Derrick Fox, Matt Henrikson, and Riley Smith back to hold down the infield. They will be supported by newcomer Colby Gee, who has a powerful bat.

The outfield is brand new. The Cowboys acquired Daniel Aldrich, Bisbee’s best hitter. Our pitching staff will be strong as well, with Josh Cruse, David Gates, Pat Lemmo and Ryan Richardson returning. We have high expectations for our strong set of rookie pitchers.

The league looks strong this year; with many other leagues out of commission many talented players are vying for spots. We look forward to competing with rival Roswell; they always have a strong team and solid management.

In spring training our guys impressed and our pitchers competed with our strong hitting. It was a sight to see! We got a lot of work in and had the opportunity to scrimmage in front of some amazing fans out for the annual 5K run.

As the season continues we expect great things on both sides of the ball. We have strong starting pitching that we are building up, allowed by a strong bullpen that will keep us in it in the later innings.

We are concentrating on not giving free bases such as walks and errors in the field because our lineup is strong and we will score runs.


May 20 Roswell 5, Alpine 6

May 22 Roswell 9, Alpine 5

May 23 (7 p.m.) Roswell 5, Alpine 6

May 23 (3 p.m.) Roswell 2, Alpine 3

May 24 Las Cruces 5, Alpine 8

May 25 Las Cruces 4 Alpine 8

Box scores available online at

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