Runnin’ Bucks show well in Pecos

The Alpine Runnin’ Buck cross country pauses at its meet in Pecos on Oct. 17. 

The Alpine High School cross country team traveled to Pecos on Oct. 17 for the final race of the season in anticipation of the District championship meet scheduled for Oct. 28 in Presidio.

It turned out that the race finished with some of the fastest road times of the season on a hilly desert course, much like what the teams will run on in Presidio.

Vanessa Rice was again the Lady Bucks’ first runner placing in the top 20. Senior Kylie Penders sat out this race with an injury so she could be ready for District. Sydnee Jimenez, Tannin Ritchie, Kylie Garcia, and Lauren Penders rounded out the top five Alpine runners.

The varsity boys ran their fastest times of the season. D'Angelo Gonzales placed sixth with a time of 16:43. Griffin Carlin placed 13th with a time of 17:04, and Marco Martinez placed 21st. The freshman boys rounded out the team, all running personal records for the season.

The team, friends, and family celebrated the work and dedication of its four seniors on Oct. 26 at Buck Stadium.

Said Coach Cory Cason, “Race day is always my favorite day. I never fail to be impressed by the ability of my runners to suffer while testing their limits.”

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