Bucks stomp Cranes

Brady Crump goes for the rebound against the Golden Cranes at the Gallego Center in Alpine on Jan. 5. 

On Jan. 5 the varsity Fightin’ Buck basketball team took on the Crane Golden Cranes in a home game played at the Sul Ross State University Gallego Center.

The Bucks began to build a small lead in the first quarter, with points scored by seven different players. Cody Barragan, Jayden Canaba, and Isaiah Nunez all would have a great quarter of play. After one, the Bucks led 19-14.

The second quarter was tough as Crane came out sinking several buckets, and took back the lead at one point. But again, several Bucks were involved in climbing out of this temporary deficit. Notably, Barragan showed his hot hand in this game, knocking down threes like they were gimmes. At the half the Bucks once again led, 39-35.

Nunez opened the third quarter with a steal and an assist to Barragan for yet another three-pointer. He hit five threes and score 10 total buckets in this game, ending with 27 points.

Although Crane got to the free throw line a lot this quarter, it wouldn't be enough. After three quarters, Bucks led 55-48 in a close game.

In the final quarter, Brady Crump scored several times, and got to the line as well. Canaba also had a great finish from an Aiden Morrissey assist. With great defense and tough play, the Bucks took this win handily from a good Crane team, with a final score of 76-60.

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