Bucks training for fall sports

Alpine ISD athletes get ready to engage in fitness and exercise workouts at Buck Stadium, and are ready to get back into shape after school sports activities were canceled because of coronavirus concerns. 

Summer is now in full swing, but for many Alpine ISD student athletes, it’s time to get back into shape for the middle and high school athletic season in the fall.

With the coronavirus scare that brought all school activities to a grinding halt in the spring, many athletes have been away from organized fitness regimens designed to keep them in shape, and that’s a main concern for Alpine ISD Athletic Director and Fightin’ Bucks head football coach John Fellows.

“They work really hard in the weight room, and are running and competing hard all year long, and then when they get to the summer, a lot of these kids are not working like they used to,” said Fellows. “We have kids that have not done anything for three months since they have been in school.”

He emphasized that the workouts were designed not only to get the athletes back into shape, but also help prevent injuries down the line and allow for faster recovery. The first two weeks would consist of body weight workouts, with an emphasis on developing speed, mobility, and agility.

Sessions kicked off this week, and will continue until late July, with time off during the week of the July 4th holiday.

No specific sports will be played during the first two weeks, and the weight room will be used during the third week. Sessions will be broken down into different sports, with emphasis placed on fall sports, like volleyball, football, and cross-country. Workouts will be held at Buck Stadium, an ideal facility because of its gates and fencing, and being able to control who enters and exits.

Most sessions will be held in the morning, with one in the evening for those athletes who work during the day.

This year, due to COVID-19, the University Interscholastic League has implemented regulations that include athletes having temperature checks, working out six feet apart, and no locker room use. Athletes must also bring their own water. 

Fellows praised the girls’ athletic department, noting that they compete just as hard as the boys. We don’t cut the girls any slack, and I think that’s one of the reasons they have been very successful, because they do work hard,” he said.

Fellows and the entire Alpine ISD coaching staff are ready to train the Fightin’ Bucks to prepare for some tough rivals who are training just as hard during the off season.  

“I tell the kids this all the time - they don’t want to be getting behind, because the people that they are competing with are going to be doing this also,” said Fellows. “The stronger and faster you are, the better you are going to be, and it just makes you into a better athlete.”

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