Back-to-back Buck championships

Fightin’ Buck senior Ryelan McBride celebrates after Alpine’s Bi-District win against Sonora last week. Photo by Felipe Fierro

It was a comeback championship victory for the Bucks. They trailed into the second quarter, and according to the coach, the players just needed to settle down early in this game. With two weeks off due to canceled games, they were understandably a bit eager. 

Under the guidance of Head Coach John Fellows, the Buck football program has now won back-to-back championships, something that hasn't happened in nearly 50 years. 

Asking him how the defense put the clamps on the Broncos, he replied in a very coach-like way, saying, "They started doing their jobs."

The defense forced three turnovers, and the effort given on the field was glaring.

Fellows continued, "They prepare all year. It matters to them to represent their team, their school, and their community."

When asked what made this game different, senior Mason Cavness responded, "The difference is that you win or go home. And it affected me because it could be my last game out there in my high school career."

That certainly showed when he helped force a fumble for the game-winning score late in the fourth quarter.

One of the big surprises in this game were two long passing touchdowns. Being able to pass the ball successfully adds another element opposing teams will have to defend.

Alpine's deepest advancement in the playoffs came back in 1972 when they made the State Semi-Finals.

The Bucks’ second-round playoff game will take place against Idalou at the Mustang Bowl in Andrews on Thursday, Nov. 19, at 7 p.m.

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