Property rights

On Holland Avenue near downtown Alpine, a large sign says: PRO-AMERICAN, PRO BUSINESS, PRO-LAND RIGHTS and PRO- PIPELINE. 

What this sign appears to be saying is that those who are against the pipeline are anti-American, anti-business, and anti-land rights.  

Pipeline opponents are pro- American, pro- business, and very much pro-land rights. 

They are not for outside business interests that want to profit from scarring our landscape with a large, dangerous high-pressure pipeline and drain our aquifer.

And, they feel empathy for those citizens who would have to live next door to the pipeline, for instance those on the west side of Alpine or in Sunny Glen.

Corporate interests run by billionaires want to run a pipeline through our beautiful Big Bend, one of the last pristine areas untouched by the fossil fuel industry in order to sell gas to foreign countries. 

Sure, you can sell the rights to your property to them for the set price they will give you, but what if you don’t want a large pipeline going through your land? 

If you resist, the pipeline company can take it by force. If you try to defend your property you could end up in jail, or more likely be sued by the pipeline company and they can legally take everything you own. 

If you think land rights are sacred in Texas, think again. Private property advocates should be outraged that our state and federal government allows this.

Tom Curry


Food drive

Twin Peaks 4-H club would like to thank everyone who helped with our "Hunger Games Food Drive" over the holidays. We would not have been able to raise so much without your help!

Thank you to the West Texas Food Bank for assisting us. Much thanks to the local radio station for helping us promote the drive.

Thank you to both Porter's Thriftway stores for providing a place to collect donations.

Thank you to the Rangra Theaters for letting us set up a booth and for donating to our drawing.

Thank you to the middle school and high school for participating.

And thank you to everyone who made a donation. Your efforts helped fight hunger in West Texas.

Brewster County Twin Peaks 4-H