Saving daylight

It's that time of year when all the radio-controlled clocks in our house go berserk.

Yes, it's daylight savings time again.

But think about it. When we set the clocks forward one hour, isn't bedtime approaching one hour sooner?  

Aren't we actually losing one hour of precious daylight?  

And just what is the government doing with all those hours? Shipping them to Arizona, I have no doubt.  

Makes one wonder what is actually in those huge storage vaults it has dug out West.

Yucca Mountain, anybody?

So if you do not see this letter in the paper, you will know...

Peter Chase


Community thanks

We would like to thank Porters and the community of Alpine for supporting the recent fundraising bake sale that helped The Gaming Technology Club of Sul Ross State University.

We are raising funds to allow the club to travel to Austin to speak with developers and professionals in the industry of computer science.

Thank you again for being so supportive and helping further our education.

The Gaming Technology Club

Sul Ross State University

Election thanks

I would like to thank everyone who voted this election and would like to especially thank those who helped on Election Day and early voting.

Brewster County has eight precincts, three of which are over 80 miles away from Alpine.

We had three individuals who were gracious enough to make the drive out there and assist with locations that were in need.

Election workers need to complete an online training, a training with an election clerk, be on top of their game all day and “be sweet” all day.

Believe me, some voters make it difficult to “be sweet.”

An election worker’s day begins way before the polls open at 7 a.m. and some precincts do not come in until midnight.

It’s not the big bucks that entice these workers to come back election after election. I truly believe it is their patriotism.

These are the people who helped in our Republican primary.  If you know them, thank them; if you don’t know them, make it a point to meet them and then thank them. They are wonderful people.

Some of these workers are high school students and be assured these students will someday be informed voters.

Glenn L. Ramsdale, Barbara Nelson, Kathleen Ramsdale, Olivia Williams, Kathryn Frye, Marissa Anderson, Billy G. (Ike) Roberts, Janet G. Martinez, Pat S. Martin, Janet Moeller, Sahian Valenzuela, Mikayla Cross, Elena Cano, Bette Kelly, Kaela Michaelis, Carl M. Fleming, Robbie McDaniel, Carol Lewis, Larry Gorden, Luticia R. Pauls, John Armstrong, Isabel Shackelford, Tanya Ohl, Susan Roberts, Chelsea Willingham, Joan Johnson, Bonnie Hill, Diana Wysocki, Therese Callahan, Arely Leyva Valdez, Pamela Priddy, Chad Ritcheson and Perla M. Garcia.

Monica McBride, chair

Brewster County Republican Party