Recycling success

Keep Alpine Beautiful had another successful Electronics Recycling Event. Participation spanned the tri-county area with separate events in Alpine, Terlingua and Fort Davis.

E-waste was brought from as far away as Big Bend National Park and as close as across the street from the Old Fire Station.

Together we recycled 21,528 pounds of electronics!

Again, big humpbacked televisions made up the largest quantity of items, but printers, fax machines, microwaves, computers and even modern LCD monitors and TVs contributed to the full truckload. 

ECS Refining of Mesquite hauled off the electronics for recycling. All hard drives were immediately shredded so that no data was recoverable.

In Alpine, we had an abundance of help this go-round!

Due to the event’s timing during spring break, several youth from Alpine school district stepped in to help: Nick Miller, Roarke Zimmer, Logan Duschatko, Bobbie Roberts, Mary-Anna Roberts and Colleen Roberts contributed collectively 105 hours to the event.  

Keep Alpine Beautiful committee members Martha Latta, Mike Latta and Abby Garza added another collective 16 hours.

Other volunteers were Aaron Curlee and Rafael Azuaje.

Special thanks go to Fort Davis and Terlingua volunteers for putting together events in their communities: Rosemary Dennis, who worked tirelessly for three days, used her own truck and trailer to bring items to Alpine and helped unload it all, and Ruth Jansyn, who worked the event in South Brewster County.

We will continue to have electronics recycling events bi-annually, as there seems to be no shortage of outdated e-waste.

In the interim, please call 432-294-3183 if you have large electronic items to dispose of. 

Thank you all for your commitment to recycling and Keeping Alpine and the Big Bend beautiful.

Patsy McWilliams

Coordinator, Keep Alpine Beautiful

Supper thanks

The third annual Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Supper was March 8, and the thank yous are overdue. 

So many people contributed to making this Alpine Community Center fundraiser a success.

Here is a list: Alpine Avalanche for advertising and those who donated items for the silent auction, including Alpine Chamber of Commerce, Americana (Aveda Salon), Blue Water, Brown Dog Gardens, Subway, Morrison True Value Hardware, Desert Sky Quilters, Yarn Arts Group, Cheryl Frances, Ashley Wood and Shera Welch.

Those who helped with the supper itself, including board members who secured funding or food; Porter’s Thriftway for donating food; Rosie Pallanez and Elidia Polanco and the group from Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church, who prepared the food; and the staff and husbands, Wesley students and board members who served and helped with cleanup.

While we are thanking publicly, we appreciate Kincade Electric for donating the pea gravel for our playground!

The supper was great and we are glad to have this each year for our community.

Staff and volunteers

Alpine Community Center

Trump vote

Former Trump political strategist Stephanie Cegielski wrote a remarkable piece explaining why she no longer works for him:

“I don’t think even Trump thought he would get this far. And I don’t even know that he wanted to, which is perhaps the scariest prospect of all.

“He certainly was never prepared or equipped to go all the way to the White House, but his ego has now taken over the driver’s seat, and nothing else matters.

“The Donald does not fail. The Donald does not have any weakness. The Donald is his own biggest enemy … Trump acts as if he’s a fictional character. But like Hercules, Donald Trump is a work of fiction.”

Consider the condition the Trump organization and its affiliates were in a year ago.

At that time nearly $900 million of personal liabilities loomed over the developer.

Having billions of dollars of debt is a powerful bargaining chip.

So over the course of the year Mr. Trump managed to get the banks to release him from several hundred million dollars in personal obligations.

He is still personally liable for about $550 million. Remember there are four bankruptcies.

Are you sure you want to vote for this man?

Joyce Wright


Roof fundraiser

Thank you so much for the generous donation of your time, money, products and skills for Tallent Roofing’s first fundraising golf tournament on March 26.

As you know, needy families and individuals in our community go without to make much-needed repairs to their homes.

It is our desire to serve those in need by supplying new roofs in order to provide a safe and dry environment.

With the generous support of Coca-Cola, ABC of Midland, RSG of El Paso, Steve with The Saddle Club, as well as our golfing participants, we will be able to help meet our goal in providing for the families and individuals not only with a new roof, but also with the safety and security only a loving community such as ours can bestow.

Thank you again to everyone who made Saturday’s fundraising golf tournament such a great success.

We would also like to thank Alpine for their continued support and business.

Mark Chandler and the family of Tallent Roofing Inc.