Driving tip

I want to alert others to a danger that I did not know about. In the very cold weather of Dec. 27 I was driving down Brown Street and splashed through the big puddle. Water got on my windshield and immediately froze, cutting off about 90 percent of my visibility!

I won't do that again.

Pam Gaddis


Live Nativity

Once again, the wings are back in their boxes, costumes hang on the garment racks, the Roman soldier's sword and helmet are safely put away in their box, and halos rest in their tub.  

The storage trailer is packed to the hilt to wait until next Christmas season.

None of this happened by itself, and we, Brad and Karen McGuire, would like to express our utmost gratitude for the behind-the-scenes workers, decorators, costumers, “gophers,” unloaders and loaders!  

It takes a lot of help to get ready for this wonderful annual event, and we have been so blessed with gracious willing families and individuals who also make it part of their holiday tradition!

Putting out the signs, hauling in hay, animals, food, running cords and lights and putting it all together takes a small army. And even amid challenges that come, we have been surrounded by people who just take it in stride and offer their awesome support.  

This group includes Sul Ross State University; Alpine Avalanche, Big Bend Sentinel, Davis Mountain Dispatch newspapers; KVLF Radio; Morrison True Value; Shorty, Rachel and Jake Robinson; and Mike and Jacque French.

Jim and Cathy McNair; Jason and Michelle Gregory and family; Norm Nunnley; Brian and Sarah Hubbard; Clark Nussbaum; Bo Peebles; Pat and Jesse Schneider; Henry and Irvaleen Ogletree and Ruby Benner; the High Frontier Angel Choir and their directors and sponsors; Damien Grout and Mark Bailey.

We certainly can't leave out our animal actors and their owners who faithfully hauled them to the “stable” every night: Heidi Wassermann and her trusty donkey, Chewbaca; and Paul and Rachel Griebenow and their darling goats Oreo, Ivy, Caramel, Cocoa, Frosty and Buffy.

Thank you so much to all who made or brought cookies for refreshments! Thank you with all our hearts every person who came to be in the Nativity!

It's a wonderful time to see old friends and make new friends!

We all appreciate you, the public, for coming to watch the Live Nativity, for your touching comments and your support!

Until next year.

Brad and Karen McGuire


ACC meeting

The Alpine Community Center, located at 402 E. Gallego Ave., has been serving our area for more than 75 years. 

The ACC has had an impact on thousands of lives. Now, as is the case with many non-profits, we are struggling financially.

We are primarily a day care and after-school facility but are considering other ways we can be of service. 

Do you have ideas, suggestions or dreams?

The annual board meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, Jan. 11, is open to the public.  The meeting will be at the center. 

Several enthusiastic new members are on the board. The executive director, Helen Snook, and the treasurer, Lana Covington, will each be reporting on the dire situation.

Would you, as a concerned individual, or your organization, consider giving a regular donation to keep the center operating? 

Think about the impact ACC has had on your life and the lives of many others down through the years.

I love the center and will continue to support it as I can, but I will be stepping down as board chair.

With many memories and hopes,

Audrey Painter


Thanks, Sarge

I would like to extend a big thank you to Louise Chesbrough, better known as "Sarge" to us seniors who attended her exercise class.  

After volunteering for almost seven years, three times a week, she retired the end of December 2015. Unless the weather was bad or she was sick, she was always present, ready to lead us.

After being diagnosed with diabetes and high-blood pressure a few years ago, I had to address my lack of exercise and was referred to the Senior Circle through the Big Bend Regional Chapter.

I will never forget my first "Stretch & Flex" class. I stretched muscles I wasn't even aware of and was totally exhausted.

Thank you, Louise, for getting me back in shape. Thank you for your commitment, and all the time you gave of yourself.

Most important is thank you for teaching me the benefit of exercise!

Alicia Trillo


Pea off   

Despite the cloudy and cold conditions, the 26th Annual Black Eyed Pea Off was able to raise $2,150 for Last Minute, Low Budget Production's building fund.

The first-place trophy this year went to Brittney Lowe. Second place was Guy Goodspeed (visiting son of Deanna from El Dorado Hotel) and third place went to an Alpine cooking team, Robert and Rod.

Honorable Mention goes out to the person who used curry and chicken in their black-eyed pea dish. You caught the judges' attention, so work on that recipe and please enter again in the future.

Thanks goes out to all the helpers, and to Abbe Waldman Delozier, Tony Faulk and Charlotte Teer for heading up the fantastic music.

With help from the sheriff's department and the district attorney, we "arrested" Deputy Ben Elmore and put him in the historic Terlingua jail.  It took less than an hour to raise the funds to bail him out.

A big thank you to all the hotels, restaurants and outfitters who generously donated to the "hot date" raffle.  Also all those cakes were wonderful and appreciated.

Hope to see you all next year, with any luck!

Pam Ware


Library funding

It is so gratifying to be able to report that the Alpine Public Library successfully reached our goal of raising $10,000 by the end of 2015 to receive a $10,000 match offered by a very generous anonymous donor.

In fact, Alpine Public Library supporters are so giving that we exceeded our goal by about $10,000 and ended the fundraising campaign with just over $30,000.

At various times during the campaign people mentioned to me or the library staff that they were surprised we needed money.

The common assumption was that the Alpine Public Library was part of the City of Alpine. In fact, the Alpine Public Library is a private nonprofit organization that receives some support from the City of Alpine and Brewster County, but other funding sources, like individual donations, provide about 75 percent of the income we need to meet our yearly operating budget.

That’s why we are thankful that this year-end campaign was so successful.

The board of directors and the staff want to send a big thank you out to our community.

If you haven’t been to the library lately, please stop by and see what your generosity allows us to offer.

We are also open to suggestions for books, programs, new ideas or other improvements.

Don Wetterauer, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Alpine Public Library