With appreciation

To the family and many friends of Joenel Espinoza, we wish to extend our sincere thanks for your many kindnesses, and for the condolences and support that we have received.

We also send our gratitude and appreciation to Morrison True Value, Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church and Alpine Memorial Funeral Home.

Belinda Espinoza and family


Election year

Just a couple of gripes.   

1. Donald Trump said he would keep the minimum wage "pretty much where it is right now" in order to keep America competitive internationally.

By keeping wages low, Trump thinks he will bring back jobs to the U.S by luring big businesses that moved production overseas for cheap labor to realize America is now the cheap labor nation.

For the last 40 years, public schools and trade schools have been reduced to that of the poorest countries. The rich are not interested in educating the middle and poor classes.

In his 2011 book, "Time to Get Tough," Trump also called for the elimination of the estate tax and corporate tax. He also suggested implementing a flat tax rate nationwide.

A flat tax would mostly benefit the rich and increase taxes on poorer individuals. Trump's other proposed changes would provide wealthy individuals greater tax cuts.

2. Rubio exaggerates in saying " it's been 80 years since a lame duck president has appointed a Supreme Count justice.  

Technically presidents don't "appoint" a justice to the Supreme Count, they nominate someone who is then confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

President Obama is not a lame-duck president. He becomes a lame-duck president after the election in November until Jan. 20 when a new president takes office.

One could say that all presidents in their second term are lame-duck presidents because they cannot serve again. Election year Supreme Court nominations are rare.

Joyce Wright


Gross injustice

Texas statutes giving private companies legal status to condemn (“seize”) privately owned land is an embarrassment to the spirit of the American and Texas revolutions.

A gross perversion of constitutional rule of law denies those in the path of the likes of Energy Transfer Partners Trans-Pecos Pipeline any meaningful due process (fundamental fairness) thanks to the clout the industry has in Austin and our courts.

Although their commodity will be piped through Big Bend and refined in Mexico for Asian markets, ETP’s project is considered a public use.

Excuse me?

Thereafter, observe heavy-handed authoritarianism at its best: Many landowners were negotiating a fair market value when ETP filed a condemnation suit offering less than the amount(s) being negotiated – teaching other peasants about standing in the way of their over-lords.  

Ask: “Would the patriots advancing the notion of the power of the governed versus the governors have stood so valiantly by their ramparts if they’d known they were fighting for the right of a private entity to seize their land?”  

They opposed the arbitrary authoritarianism of the British Crown and dictatorship of Generalissimo Santa Anna, for what – our homegrown types to do us even worse?


Those opposing that imbalance deserve our hardy thanks.  

Last Saturday the Brewster County Democratic Party Convention voted a set of resolutions to be presented at the State Party Convention in June in San Antonio, opposing the T-PP and calling for a change of Texas law concerning eminent domain that would first require a court hearing to determine if the purpose is a substantial public use or benefit before granting any entity (public or private) the right to seize private property.

Thank you, Brewster County Democratic Party Convention.  

Now, on to San Antonio.

Rev. Barry Abraham Zavah