Relay For Life

The Relay For Life is an event that once experienced will be in one’s heart forever.

The relay was born after Dr. Gordon Klatt walked 24 hours on a Seattle, Washington, track in 1985 as a lone fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. The idea took off, and the ACS embraced the idea to make it their signature event.

The Relay For Life is an event that celebrates the lives of those who have battled cancer and won, to remember loved ones lost and empower individuals and communities to fight back against a disease that takes too much from too many.

In 1996 the Big Bend area put together 22 teams and raised about $26,000. This amount exceeded the amounts raised at Odessa and Fort Worth’s relays the same year.

Through the generosity of volunteers, underwriters, participants, donors and Sul Ross State University, the Big Bend Unit has raised more than a million dollars in 20 years to aid research, patient services, education and advocacy through the American Cancer Society – all from a tri-county area in West Texas with a total population of 15,380.

At the first of the evening, all survivors are honored with a lap followed by team members walking in relay-style around a track for a fun-filled evening. Later, a luminaria ceremony features hundreds of sacks with lit candles lining the track to celebrated and remember those who have suffered through cancer.

To participate in this worthy cause by forming a team, call Regina Terrazas at 432-386-0600. To volunteer, call Gayla Owen at 432-294-1074.  To be honored as a survivor, call Lynda George at 432-426-3891.

Dot Leavitt

Shirley Eoff


Cowboy gatherings

The Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering 30th anniversary event this past weekend was truly one of history, humor, outstanding poetry delivered by unique and passionate individuals, world-class musicians and stirring songs reflecting the life of a cowboy.

The night stage shows brought resounding laughter, tears, awe, appreciation, patriotism and inspiration. To hear that many people sing -- with gusto -- the “Star-Spangled Banner” was both touching and invigorating.

To be surrounded by hundreds of people from all over the U.S. and at least two other countries showing such respect, not only to the performers but to the content of their poems and music, was a joy and a treat.

Because our world’s cultures are losing respect for each other by leaps and bounds, it brought hope that, as these people return to their homes, they will continue showing that same kind of respect to the rest of their world.

I also was privileged to attend the funeral of a long-time friend, Roddy Schoenfeld, a mountain of a man with hands and heart as big as all outdoors and a booming voice of incomparable quality. He affected the lives of many people all over Texas, and not just those in the cowboy lifestyle.

Roddy was taken to the burial site in the back of a horse-drawn wagon, traveling straight down West Highway 90 to the cemetery, escorted by his riderless mule and about 25 mounted cowboys.

Everything about the service reflected much preparation, organization and a lot of work. At the heart was the tremendous respect Roddy's family and his many friends exhibited in their last act of honor for him.

Our little corner of West Texas truly is a blessing and I am proud to call it home.

Karen McGuire


Party creation

Trump is not a fluke. He is not hijacking the Republican Party, he is a creation of the party:

a Frankenstein monster brought to life by the party, fed by the party and now made strong enough

to destroy the party.

The majority of the Republican Party is not bigoted but it certainly has been enabling it.

Who began the attack on immigrants, legal and illegal? Who showed the world how to shut down

a government? And who dealt a blow to any legislation for which President Obama might possibly

claim even partial credit?

All of the above happened long before Trump arrived but he quickly picked up where they left off, tapping into a well-primed gusher of anger and bigotry that the party had already unleashed.

The Republicans are angry about the things party leaders have told them to be angry about for

the past 7 1/2 years.

Trump had the good fortune to be able to sweep them up and become the standard-bearer. He is Napoleon who has harvested the fruit of the revolution.

So what do we do to save our nation from the radicals?

You must vote Democratic. Please give it a lot of serious consideration.

Joyce Wright