Christmas parade

Let me preface this by saying that I am no Scrooge or Grinch; I usually enjoy the holiday season.  

However this past week was our annual Christmas Parade, which was accompanied not by cheer or music, but sirens! Lots of sirens!!  

How does this convey any holiday cheer or enthusiasm?

I, personally, was a bit confused by all of the noise. I thought we were under siege. Fire truck sirens, police car sirens -- all that noise right after a horrible incident in California.

I find it difficult to believe that with all of the talent and creativity in this town, that we cannot come up with a better way to have a Christmas Parade or a tree-lighting ceremony.

How about getting some members of our award-winning bands performing some holiday music?

Even a truck playing holiday music from a loudspeaker would have been better than a bunch of wailing sirens.

Thanks for listening.

Karen Cantrell