Sincere thanks

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the assistance of the Alpine Police Department, the Alpine Volunteer Fire Department and our neighbor, Don Taggart, in extinguishing a fire outside of our house on the night of Nov. 19.  

A heat lamp in our doghouse started a fire that spread along the fence and storage shed located closely between our neighbor's home and our home.  

Officer Holguin and Mr. Taggart helped us to contain the fire and the fire department fully extinguished it.  

We would also like to thank SRSU students, Lizzie, Weston and friends, who were driving by and stopped to make sure that everyone was alerted of the danger and that our children were kept warm with blankets and jackets.  

We are very grateful that a potentially catastrophic situation was averted and that we are part of a caring and dedicated community of people who were there for us in our time of need.  

Adrian and Susan Billings


Fundraiser thanks

The Finance Council of Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church wishes to give a most heartfelt “Thank You” to the following individuals and businesses who so generously contributed with prizes for the raffle and silent auction. 

Also those who contributed either monetarily, working booths, games, etc., thank you!  The success of this fundraiser would not have been possible without all of these hard workers and donations from so many people.

Also, to all of these individuals and businesses, please know that you are very much appreciated. Our fundraiser receipts will go a long way in meeting the expenses of our parish.

Morrison True Value, McDonald’s, Ben E. Keith, Porter’s Thriftway, B&S Septic Service, Lajitas Resort, King’s Jewelers. DJ Coney Vega, Rick Ruiz, KALP and Robert Alvarez, ABC Dancers, Sauvecitas, Mystic Gitanas, Alpine Country Club, Alpine Police Dept., Big Bend Saddlery, Big Bend Telephone, Blue Mountain Bistro-Fort Davis, Boutique  803. Budweiser, Century Bar and Grill, Cobos Lube Center, Coors, Critical Next Step, El Patio Restaurant, Eva’s Salon, French Door Salon and Spa, Gage Hotel, Guzzi Up, Johnson Feed and Western Wear, La Casita, Cueva de Leon-Fort Davis, La Trattoria, Law Office of Sandy Wilson, Esq., Law Office of Liz Rogers, Esq., Law Office of Jamie Escuder, Esq., Law Office of Paul Chambers, Lo and Behold Photography, Los Jalapenos, Lupita’s Restaurant-Fort Davis, Magoo’s Place, Mando’s-Marfa, McCoy’s, Oasis Tire, Prescription Shop, Reata Restaurant, Twin Peaks Liquor.

God Bless!

OLP Finance Council

Richard Villanueva, co-chairman

Billy Sanchez, co-chairman

J. Miller, president

Rev. Robert Kobe, pastor

Green Party

Dear Citizen of Texas: Election Year 2016 is a time you can set our future onto a different path of political leadership in your respective county, in the statehouse in Austin and in the U.S. Congress.

If you find yourself thinking “none of the above” when it comes time to cast your vote for Democrats or Republicans on the ballot, the Texas Green Party wants to hear from you.

Time after time, a lifelong politician will stand up and claim that he or she is the one who is the greatest hope for change. Time after time, that same person falls into lock step with other Democrats or Republicans who desperately want to maintain the status quo and protect their political turf.

This coming election year, there is indeed someone who can stand up and call for real change in a local, statewide or national elected office.

That someone is you, Citizen of Texas. You can throw your name into the hat and stand for election as a Green Party candidate. Plus, unlike some of the other parties, it’s free and there are no signature requirements.

Thanks to previous efforts of Green Party candidates during the 2014 election cycle, future Green Party candidates are entitled to have their names listed on Texas ballots in 2016. 

The Texas Green Party urges you to stop thinking “none of the above” and get involved in our political system.

Sign on with the Green Party and ask your friends, neighbors and family to vote for progressive movements that will benefit them in the future.

Ask them to vote for you.

If you are interested in standing for election in a county, state or national public office or for more information, please contact your Texas Green Party at or contact me at  

Daniel Monahan

Texas Green Party Region 1 Chairperson

El Paso

Energy needs

In the short run the money that the Trans-Pecos Pipeline promises in increased tax revenues will help fund our schools and roads, and be beneficial to many local businesses.

But in the long run, shipping our gas along with our oil to other countries will raise the price of everything our descendents will depend on.

Renewables can create electricity for our homes and our future electric cars, but they can’t move our trains or large trucks unless we electrify our rail lines and interstate highways.

Almost everything we need including our clothing, food and shelter depends on gas and oil for their manufacture.

We are currently using up the cheapest supplies of both at the fastest possible rate. Future supplies will cost more to extract, raising the price of everything and also create ever-larger environmental problems.

There are no easy answers to providing for our energy needs, but our current national policies are the height of insanity for which our children and grandchildren will pay the price.

Roger Siglin