My turn

Almost every day we hear of protests from some disgruntled person or group.

This morning I heard that someone wants the song, “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” banned because “it is racist.”

Where in the world do all these offended people come from? The Christmas season seems to bring out all sorts of idiocy, but just listen to the news any day in any season, and you will hear of someone who is offended by something.

Do these people just get up in the morning and decide to protest Santa Claus, statues of historic individuals, or white crosses on police cars?

Don’t you offended people have anything else to do? Try washing your windows, scrubbing the bathroom, paying your bills, minding your own business, or try looking away from all those dreadful things that offend you.

Quite frankly, I am not a Pollyanna and many things offend me, but usually only my family and close friends are subjected to my rants; however, I am very offended by people like you, whoever you are.

You create such divisiveness in communities and the whole nation. You cause unnecessary problems and unnecessary expenses to taxpayers.

Finally, you might want to read the Constitution. It does guarantee freedom of speech. It does not guarantee freedom from religion, nor does it guarantee that everyone will be happy about everything all of the time.

For example, you are offended by white crosses, and I am terribly offended by people like you!

I hope your Christmas was merry and that 2016 will not be too offensive!

Carol Lewis


Birthday greetings

My father, Dr. Clarence Winn, was a high school principal and later the superintendent for the Alpine Independent School District.

He still has many fond memories of his time in Alpine and speaks of them frequently, especially the students.

On Jan. 10, 2016, he will have his 80th birthday. He loves birthday cards and e-mails.   

I know he would love to hear from all of them if they have time. Below is his contact information:

Dr. Clarence Winn

131 County Road 3133

Decatur, Texas 76234


Tom Winn


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