Fifty percent of young adults graduating from college today are not working using their college degree. Twenty percent of young adults with college degrees are living at home.

Employers find that many young employees lack problem-solving skills, a comfortable ability to communicate and interact with others, even endurance. Accumulating research in the last 10 years shows that long-term digital device use negatively impacts the brains of young children.  

As a result, parents, grandparents, employers, educators and community leaders see these problems are coming forward. Why are these things happening? How do we plan for an unpredictable future?

Starting Feb. 6, we will launch our new class “Leading Your Child to Success.”

Our experience: Elane V. Scott is a 25-year veteran of community education outreach and functional family training. Rick Stephens has with 33 years of global corporate leadership and executive training development.

The class is based on a leadership program we developed out of our work with people around the world on workforce development.  

Participants will work together in large and small groups will get new information about family economics, structure and changes in education for the future. These topics, plus those raised by the participants, will be open for discussion.

They will evaluate common challenges and opportunities for their families locally and around the country. They will then focus on developing their own family-centered plan for preparing their children to succeed in an unpredictable future. 

We have shared a long-time passion to work with people whose core mission is like ours, to serve those who keep the big-picture in their hearts and minds and to assure our country has capable people to lead, work and thrive in the future. That means everyone’s actions affect us all.

The workshop, “Leading Your Children to Success,” continues for eight weeks at Sul Ross State University’s Espino Center. Sessions are four hours and include a lunch.  

Selected individuals from Alpine, along with key individuals who have worked with us in other parts of the country over the years, have been invited to attend.

Most of them have extensive background in working with children, family, education and workforce issues from birth to post-college graduation in California, Nevada, Colorado and Indiana.

They will share their direct experiences, insights about the tough issues facing families in each of their businesses and jobs and participate in breakout discussions.

Space is available for parents and grandparents.

For more information, go to  

We will introduce new and innovative tools like the Functional Family Portfolio. For someone who has worked with a financial portfolio, this is a similar tool with a broader application. It is a detailed guide giving a graphic view of the everyday activities associated with functional family life. 

It is used to help family leaders evaluate daily tasks like work obligations and family obligations. They can then prioritize them and make better choices between what family members want to do and need to do to achieve their family’s dreams.

The Readiness Guide Profile is another never-before-seen tool for family members and members of the public to more easily keep track of the physical, cognitive, emotional, social and life skills milestones for all children, starting at birth and going through age 18.

Participants will learn how to help with evaluating where their children are developmentally. In the class, they will learn why this is the first step to helping their children when they are having a problem. 

With these tools and skills learned in different class sessions, participants build on their learning every week to graduate and become their own children’s experts. Learning to be pro-active rather than reactive is the goal.

When graduation from the real-life role of parent is at hand down the road, participants will also have learned how to apply their workshop experience in a new way, as a Mountain Guide, helping others meet the same challenges. Taking care of the future never stops. 

Registration is required by Jan. 30. Learn more about the program at or call Elane V. Scott at 714-267-2930. 

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