Election battles

The more I listen to learned commentators about the primary races, the more confused I get. Candidate A trounces Candidate B, whereupon someone emerges to say that this is all to the advantage of Candidate C, who is now the clear favorite even though losing badly.  

Silly me -- I would have thought the result to be to the advantage of Candidate A.  

Perhaps this just shows my naivete. But it could be the effort of news persons trying to rig the general election. Or it just might could be the effort of partisans of Candidate C.

It also occurs to me that some commentators might liken Candidates A and B to clashing armies that destroy each other in the battle, leaving the field to Candidate C.  

This seems remotely possible, if dollars are cannon shells.

Thankfully, all this will come to an end some day when all we have to worry about is the Ds versus the Rs.

Peter Chase


Fierro family

We wish to express how thankful we are for all the love to our family during this difficult time.

So many have blessed us with their love, prayers, cards, food and support.

We can’t begin to name every one of you, but with our heartfelt appreciation, thank you.

Just know, your kindness will always be remembered and cherished.

Special thanks to Sam White, Roy Rodriguez Jr., Deacon Paul, Nena Espinoza, Johnny Milan and Rick Ruiz.

God bless each and everyone of you.

The family of George U. Fierro

Leticia, Audelia, Elidia, Robert, Rudy, Debbie and Dennis

Fire hydrants

The problem of defective fire hydrants has become an ongoing issue in Alpine for several weeks now.

Politicos in the city administration are tripping over themselves trying to take credit for correcting this problem. One name that should be given overdue credit has been left out. I asked Councilman Jim Fitzgerald some time ago if he could help me find out if the fire hydrant near my house worked.

I could not get an answer from the city employees I questioned. Mr. Fitzgerald hit the ground running, spoke to those who should have been aware of the problem and corrective action is now being taken.

Alpine needs to thank Councilman Fitzgerald for his work in this matter. Way to go "Fitz.”

Kevin Geehan


Scientific miracles

Those who support the taking of private property through eminent domain must be very happy since Pumpco has started constructing the 42-inch Trans-Pecos Pipeline.

This is happening in advance of the presidential permit to cross the Rio Grande, which the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission must approve.

The state government pre-approved the construction of the 143-mile pipeline along with every other project desired by the oil and gas industry in Texas, and FERC has never seen a pipeline it did not like.

It is unfortunate that our national energy policy is to ship our oil and gas overseas as rapidly as possible while continuing to import oil from countries like Saudi Arabia.

Those who support this policy do so because it means immediate profits for the few to the detriment of the many.

As the same time we are promised that new technologies will solve all of our energy problems along with the cleaning of our air.

Of course, if you believe that the fouling of our air is not a problem or is beyond the control of humanity, why worry?

I won’t live long enough to hear my grandchildren ask why my generation allowed the exhaustion of our country’s natural resources and left them saddled with ever-increasing costs for everything they need to maintain a decent standard of living.

But perhaps I am too pessimistic. After all, isn’t a scientific miracle always just around the corner?

Roger Siglin


Relay for Life

I would like to challenge your group to form a team to participate in the Relay For Life.

The 21st annual Big Bend area relay will start at 6 p.m. on April 15and end at 2 a.m. on April 16.

The Relay For Life is the prime fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Our local relay is known for a fun time, but also a solemn, thoughtful time. 

We celebrate with our survivors, remember the ones who have died from cancer, and fight back for the answers to defeat cancer. 

Last year the American Cancer Society granted $144 million for research; that equals $393,442.62 per day or $16,393.44 per hour.

Participating in a Relay For Life is one way to fight back to raise funds for the needed research. 

A team may consist of 1 to 15 members. If more people want to join, you can form two teams.

At least one person from the team has to be on the track walking (or running) at all times. A team captain is designated from among your group and is responsible to get all the information of the rules and regulations to you. 

If you have ever been to a relay, you know it becomes a part of your heart. 

If you have questions on how to get a team together, please call 432-386-0600. We will be glad to present a program with answers for your group anytime.

We also have a compact disc available that explains the relay. 

Please give this your consideration. No one has escaped the effects of cancer.

Regina Terrazas

Team Captain Chairman 

Football danger

I will surely sound like a party pooper to most.  Nevertheless, you should remember in times past my letters about my position on football as a costly, dangerous and, thus, inappropriate sport.

While nearly all watch Super Bowl No 50 today, I sat in the quiet of my home, with no television, and read.

Ironically, I ran across the following article from the New York Times titled “The NFL's Tragic CFE Roll Call.” 

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative brain disease, has been found in dozens of former NFL players.

The article goes on to say that in a 2012 study, in 85 people who had histories of repeated mild traumatic brain injury, 68 -- nearly all of whom played sports -- showed evidence of CTE.

Fifty were football players, including 33 who played in the NFL. And, football begins in high school or earlier.

I truly do not mean to ruin the day of the many football fans. I only want to reiterate the cost/dangers of football. 

I love basketball, baseball, volleyball and track and field but I will never be able to support football -- both for the enormous investment and particularly for the horrific dangers.

Ken Whitley


Falling wages

Workers belonging to a union stood at 35 percent in the 1950s and dropped to 23 percent by the time Reagan was elected in 1980.

Shortly after taking office Reagan fired 12,000 federal air traffic controllers who went on a strike and broke the law.

Reagan not only set limits for public employee unions, but signaled it was OK for businesses to play hard ball with 20 private-sector unions.

This action caused a further decline of union membership and workers continue to see falling wages.

Then came "Reaganomics," a theory to stimulate business through tax breaks to the wealthy to create supply and demand.

As people get jobs and have money they will buy and keep the cycle going. The government goes into short-term deficit spending to create demand that will cause companies to hire workers to meet the additional demand and stimulate the economy.  

It didn't work -- the rich got richer, the poor got poorer and the national debt skyrocketed.

I don't think we should ever return to supply-side economics, or Reaganomics, as it was called.

Election time is here again and we listen to this that or other of the candidates speaking in many different tongues about how they will solve the economic crisis we are in.

Beware, some think Reaganomics was an OK system.

A vote for Bernie and the lower classes will get a living wage. It's past time to give the working class a break.

Joyce Wright