Pilar Hazelhorse Pedersen

Pilar Hazelhorse Pedersen was more gifted than most with treasures and resources throughout her life. She was deeply and unconditionally loved as a child and into adulthood by parents who were true role models. She possessed robust health, stamina, and vigor, and loved hard work. Her deep heart and soul manifested outwardly, giving her the capacity to inspire and delight others. Pilar had a hard-earned and abiding faith in God.  

She experienced great good fortune in her endeavors - two magnificent sons grown to manhood who numbered among her closest friends, an abundance of material resources, and friends in many corners of the world who cared deeply about her. Pilar possessed a sure knowledge of why she was born and what she was here to do. Having no shortage of dreams, she took great delight in working towards and watching them bear fruit.  

Her life’s biggest dream manifested in the magnificence of the Chaa Ranch on the Mexican border. To love and steward that land, in addition to the adventure, beauty, and life with horses and livestock there, fulfilled her wildest dreams. To say that she had hopes and dreams yet unfulfilled is true, but it is also true that she died magnificently content having realized so many exquisite ones, and bathed in the love that flowed her way.  

There will be a memorial Celebration of the Life of Pilar Pedersen on Sunday, Feb. 23 at 3 p.m. at Unitarian Universalists Big Bend Church, 1308 North 5th Street in Alpine, Texas. All are invited.