Beulah “Boodie” Kokernot

Beulah “Boodie” Kokernot (Dec. 7, 1918 – June 21, 2020) was born to Harold and Beulah Van Auken. She grew up and went to grade school in Thendara, N.Y., and graduated from Wadleigh High School for Girls in New York City. She lived through the depression with her parents in New York City, and often spoke of how the family never threw away anything. She carried that value with her throughout her life.

There she went on to New York University, and finally the University of Southern California where she studied history, art, and English.  

She met her husband, Lee Glenn “Bebe” Kokernot, son of Ida Kokernot, who grew up in Alpine, Texas. Shortly after meeting, they were married in Las Vegas, Nev. Bebe served during World War II as a troop transport glider pilot; and after the war ended, he and Mrs. Kokernot moved back to New York, and began building a home for the family. They bought and managed the hotel/tavern, Van Auken’s Tavern in Thendara, N.Y. There they raised three children. In 1964, they sold the hotel and moved to Pompano Beach, Fla., where Mrs Kokernot attended Florida Atlantic University, and graduated with a masters degree in education in 1967. 

At that time the family moved back to Thendara, and Mrs. Kokernot began teaching English in Booneville, N.Y. The daily commute over the treacherous “Hog’s Back” proved too stressful, and she settled on a job closer to home in Inlet, N.Y. where she taught English and writing.

Mrs. Kokernot was an egalitarian, and consummate animal lover, and many baby robins, stray cats, and dogs became part of her extended family.

She is survived by her three sons and three grand children, Bruce’s children, Lara and Nathan, and Brian's daughter Kallihan. Bruce lives in Plattsburg, N.Y., Rand lives in Hotchkiss, Colo., and Brian in Alpine, Texas.

Her remains will be buried next to her late husband’s in New York.