Brewster County Commissioners Court held its regular meeting on June 12, and due to recent rains, lifted the burn ban as requested by Emergency Management Coordinator Stephanie Elmore.

Sheriff Ronny Dodson also asked that if any residents would be doing prescribed burns, to contact the Sheriff’s Office ahead of time to avoid having to send fire trucks unnecessarily.

During the July 4th holiday festivities coming up, Elmore recommended restricting certain aerial fireworks such as skyrockets, sticks, and missiles in unincorporated areas of the county, and commissioners approved. County Judge Eleazar Cano said violators would be charged with a Class C misdemeanor offense, and Dodson added that there would also be a $500 maximum fine. “I just want to make sure that the sticks and fins are at least kept in people’s property. Young people like to shoot them at each other,” said Dodson.

Cano pointed out that drought conditions were still prevalent throughout the county, and no person may sell, detonate, or ignite aerial fireworks. However, the order did not prohibit common fireworks, and commissioners approved.

In other business, the court designated Elmore as the county flood plain administrator, pending completion of her certification and training as required by FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program. Elmore said the training would allow the county to look into flood prone areas. She must take 30 credit hours a year, including a four-hour exam, to be fully certified, and will complete the training in Dallas this summer.

Cano said Elmore’s training would allow the county to comply with FEMA requirements and provisions consistent with the Flood Insurance Program to reduce flood hazards.

In other news, County Treasurer Julie Morton announced that she attended an investment training class in San Antonio recently, presented by the Texas Association of Counties. Morton said she must complete the training to serve as the official county investments officer.

“I’m excited to learn more about it, and how we could implement other investments like certificates of deposit. The academy gave me a lot of new ideas that we have not looked into,” said Morton.

Cano extended an invitation to the other commissioners to attend future sessions, saying that at the end of the day, they were the ones approving county funding.

The next regular commissioner’s court meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 26 at 9 a.m. in the commissioner’s courtroom.

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