Pinkerton brings his mission to Alpine

Woodro Pinkerton holds up his sign in downtown Alpine. 




Each morning, drivers honk and wave at Woodro Pinkerton as he sits at the corner of Fifth Street and Avenue E in Alpine. There, he calls people to the Lord with his “Jesus loves you” sign.

Originally from Lamesa, the 75-year-old minister has been in town for about a year.

“My mission is saving souls wherever that may be,” said Pinkerton. “I’m not the Savior, but praying and seeking because God works in my heart. Once you get conviction in the heart, you have to find someplace to get relief. That’s why I came to the Lord – because I was seeking Him.”

Following a difficult childhood, Pinkerton served eight years in the U.S. Army, and did two tours in Vietnam. In 1967 he and 19,000 other soldiers deployed with the 19th Infantry Division out of Fort Riley, Kan., to the Mekong Delta.

Pinkerton said he was saved in 1975. He worked his mission on the streets in Dallas for 14 months, then went to California where he served in ministries in Santa Barbara, Ventura, Ojai, and others.

He left California and returned to Texas, then went to Israel where he worked in a kibitz for several months before returning to the U.S.

Pinkerton was ordained in 1983 in Dallas Christian Church in Dallas. He is a non-demoninational minister, and state licensed in Texas.

“I’ve been affiliated with churches in some cases, but my main conviction was in my heart,” said Pinkerton. “I was at a Baptist church when I first got saved.”

Problems in his marriage caused Pinkerton to backslide for many years. Then, nearly three years ago while in Round Rock, he had a moment.

“I went to sleep, and the Lord came into my dreams, and said, ‘Are you going to waste your life watching television?’ That’s when I started to repent,” said Pinkerton.

He bought bibles and witnessed to people, trying to show them how to receive the Lord and the Holy Spirit.

Pinkerton plans to continue his mission until he dies, and wherever the Lord takes him.

“His word is alive and well right now. If you just call out to God, He will answer you. He will start healing your heart,” he said.

Pinkerton pointed out there were 21 churches in Alpine, so there was plenty of choice for everyone. He now attends Calvary Apostolic Church.

But he stressed, “I’m a non-denominational person because Jesus is over every church. They have may have a division in their doctrine, but I’m not tied up in doctrine. I’m strictly for Jesus.”

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