Nectar clicks its way to success

Nectar Computers owner Mark Hannan. Courtesy photo

When it comes to providing top quality, personalized IT services, Nectar Computers of Alpine is the place to go, a jack-of-all-trades computer repair business that prides itself on special partnerships and personalized attention.

Led by technician Mark Hannan, Nectar has been providing IT services in the Big Bend area and beyond for 17 years. A native of England, Hannan made the lengthy venture across the pond to America, settling in Houston at the age of 16 where he helped his aunt and uncle’s family owned restaurant business. The move across the Atlantic Ocean had been in Hannan’s mind since he was a teenager back in England.

“I didn’t know how it was going to turn out or where I was going to be, but I’ve always had a love for America and the U.S.,” said Hannan.

He moved to Marathon in 2003 to work for his mother-in-law at the Adobe Rose Bed and Breakfast with the hope of applying for legal permanent residence status. Hannan planned to settle permanently in Texas either in Houston or Austin, but instead decided to launch his own business in Alpine, and Nectar Computers - named after the office cat with a big paw - was born.  A former network administrator for a law firm in the U.K., Hannan studied business and finance in England, where he also obtained Cisco and Microsoft certifications. Upon starting his business in Alpine, Hannan started providing IT hardware and software support to Far West Texas, serving cities and sheriff departments, police, large and small businesses, and homeowners.

Hannan recalls that his first customer was the Gage Hotel in Marathon, where he successfully repaired the hotel’s computer server.

Hannan explained, “We try to do our best in every situation possible, from grandma with her laptop or desktop and her mouse not working, to a widespread infrastructure and server installation with wireless distribution.”

The Big Bend is not the only area where Nectar Computers maintains an active presence. Hannan and fellow computer technician Matthew Hodges also provide remote IT support to customers all over the country, including all over the world, such as in Europe and India.

“It’s tough at times, busy, chaotic and stressful, but we keep it going,” said Hannan. “Every day is a new day and completely different than the previous day.”

Hannan attributes Nectar’s longevity and active presence in the Big Bend to professionalism, experience, a fine reputation, and genuinely caring about its clientele.

“As far as our standards, we care deeply about what we do and how present ourselves. We follow through what we say we’re going to do, and we do the best job we possibly can. The entities have supported us, respected us, and trusted us for many years,” said Hannan.

He enjoys the customer diversity in the Big Bend, and exclaimed,” I love it out here! I’ve lived in London, in Houston, and I have been literally in three quarters of America, and West Texas and Texas is still my favorite place to be.”

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