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Alpine residents and business owners Shazlyn Tays and Sandra Korteland pause for a photo at Scoops Creamery in Alpine. 

There is a new old-fashioned ice cream shop in Alpine that is the talk of the town, and owners Sandra Korteland and Shazlyn Tays are excited to bring Scoops Creamery on board. The ice cream parlor has been wildly popular since its debut on July 25, and business is booming.

Korteland, along with friend and co-owner Shazlyn Tays, have lived in Alpine for eight years, but Scoops Creamery isn’t their only venture. Korteland owns The Hair Company salon, and Tays co-owns Alpine’s the Lost Alaskan RV Park, along with husband Todd.

Korteland and Tays share something else in common - both have kids who attend Alpine ISD schools, and they all pitch in at Scoops Creamery, keeping it all in the family. Korteland and Tays decided to open an ice cream parlor partly to enable their kids to learn responsibility and important life skills.

“We knew we wanted to open up something, but we weren’t sure. We were brainstorming,” said Korteland. “I like going to Hebert’s Caboose Ice Cream Shop in Fort Davis, but I’m in Alpine. So, I told Shazlyn, ‘I have something that might be a little mind blowing. Let’s open an ice cream shop!’ And that’s how it all started.”

When Scoops made its debut, the duo had no idea the opening would generate so much hype. “We underestimated it. We thought people wouldn’t come, but we got bombarded, and that’s a good thing!” exclaimed Korteland.

Besides its regular fare of Blue Bell and Henry’s ice cream and shakes, Scoops offers gelato, a popular Italian frozen dessert, and dairy free sorbet, along with gluten free waffle cones. A wide variety of pastries, pies, smoothies, and small birthday cakes will also be offered, along with Mexican favorites like pan dulce, or sweet bread.

Currently, there are coffee-based drinks in the style of frappuccinos, and there will be cold brew coffee, espressos, and lattes, with new flavors offered in the fall. The fraps come in flavors such as strawberry, vanilla, mocha, caramel, coffee, and strawberries and cream, and more later.

There are also plans to host children’s parties, and the shop will have an official ribbon cutting in November.

Korteland said she enjoys being her own boss and having the children working together to keep Scoops a close knit, family run business.

“They are loving it. They are learning responsibility in life and working for your money. I’m just grateful to give them that opportunity,” said Korteland. “We can bring in the family, and teach them life skills. They can learn everything hands on. Who knows, later, if they want to open their own business, that would be pretty cool.”

Scoops Creamery isn’t just a nice ice cream shop, but also a place filled with retro, vintage-inspired tables and décor, all sure to be a hit with customers of all ages. After all, everybody loves ice cream.

Scoops is located at 106 West Sul Ross Avenue in Alpine.

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