Presidio County last week received confirmation of its second COVID-19 positive case, a 40-year old man who had traveled to Mexico. The patient and four family members named as probable cases are currently isolated.

The Texas Department of State Health Services is helping the county identify any close contacts so they can be isolated and monitored for symptoms.

In a press release, the DSHS reminded the public that it is conducting contact investigations on those who tested positive to determine possible exposure to others.

Statewide, on June 3, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced Texas was entering Phase 3 of reopening the economy.

Friday night football will be back at 50% capacity, and fans will be able to attend MLB, NFL, and NBA games, as well as concerts and live theatre.

Restaurants can expand to 75% capacity on June 12, and amusement parks will begin to open at 50% capacity on June 19.

Locally, a mobile coronavirus test unit will be in Alpine on June 11 at the North Brewster County Emergency Response Center, 102 South 2nd Street. Tests are conducted by appointment only. To register, visit or call 512-883-2400.

As of press time, 1,302,049 Texans had been tested for the coronavirus, with 77,253 testing positive, or about 5.9%, and 1,853 deaths, or about 2.3% of those testing positive.

There are currently 24,260 active cases in the state, with 2,056 hospitalized, or about 8.4%, about the same percentage as last week.

Texas currently has 15,402 hospital beds available for COVID-19 patients, and 5,911 ventilators.

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