Slick rides run the Big Bend

At The Stable in Alpine on Oct. 9, Alpine Christian School Director Joshua Farris accepted a $500 donation from Paul Woeppel on behalf of the Alamo Area Corvette Club. The two are flanked by Alpine Christian school students Megan Luna and Andrew Luna on the left, and Hailey Turner and Mayson McBride on the right. 




Octane-Fest returned to Alpine last week, and with it a parade of Cobras, Corvettes, Vipers, Mustangs, and other hot cars gracing Big Bend highways and byways.

Sponsored by The Stable, Lund Racing, Team Shelby Texas Central Plains, and the Alamo Area Corvette Club, the event brought three car clubs to Alpine, and they were joined by several on-their-own and local drivers.

The Alamo Area Corvette Club from San Antonio, the San Antonio Mustang Club, and SVT Mustangs Elite Club from El Paso all showed up for the rally put together by Austin Maness of Dallas.

More than 62 cars with 98 on board drove the Davis Mountain run on Saturday, with some participating in the Freedom Parade in Alpine that evening. On Sunday, the clubs made the Big Bend National Park run, and drove the Big Bend Open Road Race route on Monday.

Wayne White and his crew were set up along the routes to shoot on-the-road photos. The St. Louis, Missouri-based graphic designer and photographer travels the country shooting car events of all kinds, from cruises to races.

A Friday afternoon car show at the The Stable added to the weekend fun, and gave locals a chance to admire the out-of-town rides.

Also on Friday, students from the Alpine Christian School served brisket with all the trimmings to the eager participants.

A Sunday night pizza party was held at The Stable. Car show winners were announced, along with silent auction and 50-50 raffle winners. The event raised more than $9,000 for the Alpine Christian School, a designated non-profit.

Said Durant, “We had a lot of great sponsors, which allowed the bulk of the proceeds from registration to go to the Christian School.”

Alpine Christian School Director Dr. Joshua Farris added, “The event raised $7,600 for us last year, and even more this year. It’s a great benefit to us, and our school gets positive exposure.”

Durant stressed that participants patronized local hotels, restaurants, clubs, and service stations, not only in Alpine but all around the Big Bend.

“Everybody enjoyed coming out here even more this year because of the COVID situation,” said Durant. “We had a lot of folks return, but we also had many new drivers who didn’t attend last year. The participants I talked with were all very pleased, and many are already looking forward to coming back next year for our annual event.”

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