More than just furry friends

Alpine pet services specialist Bri K. Adams and dog BrisCeaux. 

For Alpine resident and animal lover Bri K. Adams, having her own business allows her the freedom to be around the friends she cares about the most - the four-legged fuzzy friends she enjoys interacting with daily.

She is mostly self-taught, and has experience grooming pets at Petco in Fort Worth. An animal science major at Sul Ross State University, Adams is originally from Fort Worth, but has lived in Alpine since 2016, after choosing small town living over big city life.

In 2018, she started Pet Stop and Groom Shop, where boarding, daycare, and grooming services were offered to pets she affectionately calls her “clients.” Adams said it had always been her goal to be a business owner, and ultimately be involved with her life-long passion, working with animals.

“When I saw that there was an old grooming shop that was for rent, I just struck at the opportunity!” Adams exclaimed.

Besides canines, Adams likes to work with other pets such as cats and parakeets. Because of coronavirus concerns, Adams is not currently offering any boarding or day care services, but still does home visits for pet sitting and grooming services out of her home.

“I was in the process of relocating my shop when everything shut down, and I am working out of my house right now,” she said.

For grooming duties, Adams works with a variety of dog breeds, including poodles and other long haired dogs. She offers her expertise in all things related to a dog’s aesthetic and health needs, with a complete grooming service that include a comfortable bath, a full body haircut, and styling.

Happy customers abound for Pet Stop and Groom Shop, and most of them hail from Alpine, Terlingua, and Marfa, with one from El Paso and as far away as Lubbock. For Adams, owning her own pet services business has enabled her to grow and gain experience that will surely benefit her career wise.

“I have gotten much better over time, and have the opportunity to learn,” said Adams. “It’s definitely a step in the right direction. It’s not the same field I want to be in the long run, but it feels good to be able to take care of myself, and to be able to work with animals as I plan to do in the future.”

Adams combines business savvy and creativity, as she also does business exchanges and bartering with some customers. For instance, she provides dog grooming services for her hairdresser in exchange for having her own hair done once a month.

Adams’ plans include opening her own pet boarding shop, complete with day care services, this time expanding to a much larger space than the previous shop. She also is looking forward to perhaps owning a ranch where she can raise goats and chickens.

“I just like to be around animals and take care of them. That’s my life purpose, and that’s the important part to me,” she said. “Animals are considered human’s closest friends for a very long time.”

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