Father-son duo excels in basketball

Alpine High School basketball coach Hugh Morrissey and son Aiden. o

It was an exciting season for the Alpine Fightin’ Buck boys varsity basketball team. Not only did the Bucks come out on top by winning All-District honors, but head basketball Hugh Morrissey also earned 4-AAA Coach of the Year honors, and son Aiden was the 4-AAA Most Valuable Player-Academic All District.

It’s no surprise that basketball runs in the Morrissey family, and that, along with great teamwork, contributed to the team’s success.

“I tried to put a ball in his hands as soon as he could start walking,” said Hugh of Aiden, a junior point guard who is now playing on the high school golf team. “We love basketball in our family, and Aiden also plays football, and has done track in previous years.”

Morrissey said that before Aiden, the last MVP for the Bucks was Cameron Stinnett in the 2010-2011 season, when the high school last won the District title. Before then, around the 1990-1991 season, Brian Wilson had won that title as well.

Aiden, a junior point guard, said his playmaking ability and a strong defense all contributed to the Fightin’ Bucks winning games this season.

“We were definitely working toward taking the team to the playoffs, and winning District was the ultimate goal,” said Aiden. “Being the District MVP was a nice add on.”

Hugh agreed, adding, ”The reason it didn’t happen in Alpine all these years is because this is only the second Alpine District championship in several years. Awards like this don’t come unless you win!”

Over the past few years, the Bucks have won a couple of Bi-District championships and a Co-District championship, and now with the All-District distinction, it can all go uphill from there.

“Being a small school, we go from one sport to the next, and we just field a winning mentality with these kids in everything they do. We try to get them competitive,” said Hugh, who looks forward to continuing the winning basketball tradition at the high school.

Hugh credits the success to six senior players who will graduate this year, and have brought great leadership.

“I’m looking forward to these upcoming seniors doing the exact same thing, and getting that torch passed down to them,” said Hugh. “It’s been a fun time not only coaching my son, but also all these other kids. I have known them since they were in Little Dribblers, so for them to have success, and for him in his junior year, and for the seniors who just graduated, that makes it so special.”

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