Father-son chiropractors achieve success

Chiropractors Drs. Audie and Beau Coggins pose for a photo at their clinic in Alpine. 

Sooner or later, most people will find themselves in need of specialized treatment for various types of pain, including muscular and joint pain, and this is where Coggins Chiropractic Clinic comes in.

When it comes to seeing a quality, dedicated, and licensed professional who specializes in back , neck, and joint pain, and more, experienced chiropractor Dr. Audie Coggins it there to help. Coggins Chiropractic Clinic has been the backbone of the Big Bend area, serving patients with pain from Alpine and surrounding areas since 1996. Audie opened the clinic in 1996, and son Dr. Beau Coggins joined the family business in 2005.

The clinic serves a wide area, with patients from Alpine, Marfa, and Fort Davis, and as far away as Presidio, Van Horn, Fort Stockton, Balmorhea, Crane, and Sanderson.

“We have seen people move on to different areas of the country, and look forward to coming back and seeing us,” exclaimed Audie. “The other day, a patient drove five hours round trip just to come to us! We have loyal patients.”

Both Audie and Beau were born and raised in the city, and graduated from Alpine High School. Audie attended Texas Chiropractic College near Houston, and Beau went to Parker University College of Chiropractic in Dallas and graduated in 2005. Shortly thereafter, Beau decided to forgo the hustle and bustle of the city, and move to the quiet of the country. He made the trek back to his hometown, where he thought it would be great to raise a family.

Audie recalled that Beau told him, “You know, Dad, I don’t want to raise a family in the city. I’m moving back to Alpine.”

Said Audie, “At one time, we had four generations of Coggins in Alpine. My granddad was here, my dad was here, my uncle was here, and we still have a lot of family in Alpine.”

Besides getting to know patients on a personal level and providing a higher quality of life, a chiropractor was a profession Audie chose to achieve more of a work-life balance.

“I have always liked the medical field, but didn’t want to be an MD,” he said. “My friends who were MDs had no life. They were busy 24/7, and had no family life. Being a chiropractor gave me the luxury of getting into the medical field, helping people, and still having a family life.” The Coggins duo are highly esteemed, valued members of the community, trusted and appreciated by the patients they serve. Audie derives much satisfaction from that, even as he nears retirement. 

“It’s challenging and rewarding,” he said. “It’s always rewarding when you have someone you help get out of pain. I am just glad to be here, and glad to take care of people in the area. It’s extremely rewarding.”

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