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Cowboys look to playoffs

By Matt Hagerman Sports Correspondent | Posted: Thursday, August 8, 2019 7:00 am

“It’s a great game,” manager Sean Persky said on July 16 after the most exciting win of the year at home. “There’s something magical about it and when you get in a city like Alpine in a place like Kokernot, and bring together a great group of guys. It becomes a cohesive thing.”

The Cowboys have had 11 days to sit and wait for the winner of the Garden City-Roswell series. When the playoff action unfolds this week at the old ball yard, it will likely match the intensity felt last year over five climactic nights. After sweeping Trinidad 2-0, the Cowboys fell three runs short in the third and final game against Bakersfield. Kokernot was increasingly electric as the stakes got higher and higher.