Blitz headed to Orlando

Marco Martinez wears the Fightin’ Buck Blitz costume, and will perform at the Citrus Bowl on New Year’s Day. 

Football season will last until New Year’s Day for one Fightin’ Buck this year. Sophomore Marco Martinez, who goes by “Blitz” when he is inside his costume, is heading to Orlando, Florida as an All-American Mascot. In addition to Disney World events, he will also perform with fellow costumed honorees at the Citrus Bowl pregame show on New Year’s Day.

Marco has a GoFundMe account set up until Dec. 15 to help with travel expenses. Links can be found on Alpine Fightin’ Bucks Sports and Alpine All-Sports Booster Club on Facebook. He will also be raising funds with a bake sale outside Porters on 5th Street on Saturday, Dec. 14 from 8 a.m. until it’s sold out.

“In my opinion, Marco's the best mascot we've ever had,” junior cheerleader Sujei Sanchez said. “He really gets people's attention, and doesn’t really have to try. He's good at planning out all his skits, and being organized. This is his first year, so we’re all really proud of him.”

He was nominated after performing skits with the cheerleaders at a Texas varsity-spirit camp this past summer.

Martinez had thought it might be fun to be a mascot for a few years, and was the only one who tried out for the part last spring. He said the 2018-19 mascot, Aimee Cauble, was a great teacher before she graduated in May.

“She taught me everything,” said Marco. “She’s also the one who inspired me to be a mascot. Just go for it. Have fun.”

He says he would be eager to give anyone else advice if they were curious about donning the costume. Marco has a great time at the events on the busy cheerleading calendar, but admits he is taken aback by all the young children who want to hug and jump all over him sometimes.

“When they get into big groups and surround you, it’s kind of hard to keep them calm,” said Martinez. “You don’t want to be falling down. It happened to me twice, but the cheerleaders were there to help me.”

The Citrus Bowl will be broadcasted nationally on ABC television at noon CST on New Year’s Day, featuring Alabama vs. Michigan.

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