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Cowboys continue winning ways

By Matt Hagerman Sports Correspondent | Posted: Thursday, June 27, 2019 8:55 am

Only three teams have been in the Pecos League since it’s inception in 2011. While the Alpine Cowboys and Roswell Invaders are the two most successful teams in the independent league, the White Sands Pupfish haven’t made the playoffs since that first season, and have amassed an increasingly bad record. They bottomed out in 2018 with a 7-51 result.

“The last two years, they didn’t have a manager from the start to the end,” said Cowboys head Coach Sean Persky after beating White Sands 9-1 and 15-4 in a June 22 doubleheader. “It was player-run, and that’s an extremely tough situation to be in. This year they picked up a phenomenal guy, Matt Chambers, who does a great job as head coach for them.”